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Neural Typing and the Modified Bulgarian Training System

Hey Coach,

First off thanks for all of the articles and your willingness to share your insight with the world. I am a Type 1 novelty profile and I am currently doing your Moded Bulgarian program in order to gain strength for a powerlifting meet. I read your suggestion on ramping up and doing explosive throws/ jumps in preparation before your working sets in order to increase dopamine without creating to much fatigue. This works well when you have one main lift per session, when doing all three big lifts in a session (as in the Bulgarian system) would you suggest that I rotate the exercise order and just pick one to ramp up with so that I don’t do too much volume. The volume would increase significantly if I were to ramp up with 5 sets of speed work with every major compound excersize in a session and would produce too much neural fatigue. Am I on track with this? What would you suggest? Thanks again!

Just do one explosive exercise. It doesn’t have to be lift-specific at all… it only needs to be explosive to get dopamine/adrenalin higher

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Coach should I do 5 ramping sets (lifting as fast as possible in the concentric phase) for each of the big three lifts, or should I just do this for one of the big three and just vary which one I do this with in each training session?

Personally I ramp up for all. This is no bodybuilding work, these are complex exercises at sometimes 90% of your max, and you focus on technique and skill. I don’t think I could do only set of warm-up for bench after my squat and do my work sets

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