Neural Restorative Drinks

I read the article calle “7 Secrets to Rapid Recovery” and there was a part in there about neural restorative drinks that help your CNS recover.

I am getting ready to play my first year of college basketball and I’m doing plyometrics so CNS recovery is obviously important. My question is: How can I make my own neural restorative drink (what ingredients and stuff like that) until I can afford to buy some real ones on a regular basis? Thanks alot and this site is the best on the internet.


Adaptogens like RHODIOLA and CORDYCEPS
Cortisol antagonists like FLAMEOUT ( Omega 3’s) and PHOSPHATIDYL SERINE
Great article by Perricone, MD at on the use of glutamine, r-ALA and Acetyl l-carnitine for avoiding chronic, low grade inflammation . .

Keep a healthy digestive system- enzymes and acidophilus . .

THE BRAIN DIET reviewed by Berardi at his Precision Nutrition site is full of gems like above . .

best of luck

Id say take a look at Power Drive as well. I know many of the coaches here have said it is great for such a purpose and I like the stuff myself to keep me in a nice mood, elevated but even state of just feeling RIGHT!!

Hope that helps,

Thanks for the help guys. Coach Mike, I couldn’t find the review for the brain diet on the Precision Nutrition site. In fact, I couldn’t find anything except how to order the product. Am I missing something? Thanks again.