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Neural Ramping Results


I did a 3 week cycle of CT's Neural Ramping program, followed by a one week deload and I have gotten excellent results:
Bench 215-245
Olympic back squat 275-315
Deadlift 365-405
I have been training since February, first doing 3x8 for a few months followed by 5x5. My programming was very unstructured. My weight was at 215 when I started training, I'm now in the 185-190 range. I have not previously trained in such an explosive manner and that coupled with the self regulation, short sets (3 reps)stopping as soon as performance dropped, made all the difference. Another huge benefit of this is >90% of reps done are with perfect technique. I'm very pleased with my results and am looking forward to retesting in another 3 weeks following another cycle. I've attached videos of the new PRs (bench is 235 in vid but I did 245). Pointers and constructive critiscm are more than welcome. Thank you CT!


bench press




I may be off base here, but if you were to DL barefoot and sit back more, you might be able to keep your back arched more. I'm a little drunk, and I dont deadlift much...