Neural Ramping/Different Contractions and BW Moves

Hello CT. Nice article today, call back to years ago when you had these bodybuilding articles

It got me thinking about your methods especially performance (maximizing through optim warmup, activation, ramping).
I noticed very different feelings when doing oly lifts vs stength lifts vs ring work.
The magic from ramping up on a barbell is readily felt (after 3-6 ramping sets you feel superhuman) and with submaximal explosive lifts /snatch clean, sghp I can go all day.

Rings and bodyweight (even progressive weighted pullups/dips) feel different. I don’t feel more and more activated from doing more complex or heavier weighted bodyweight movements. And the sweet spot seems to be bit or miss especially if I do a movement that’s too taxing

Just wanted to hear your thoughts since your CF guys are going though something similar…do you still focus in then maximizjg performance, “activate more than fatigue” or is it just get through WOD, do these lifts at X volume whatever it takes and how do you program such. Merci