Neural Efficiency

Hi CT,

I have reached a stage where I feel that for my current size, my strength is not as high as it should be. It’s not that I don’t understand a big part of getting stronger is adding size, just that I think I am well below this strength cap for my current size. Would you be able to suggest how I can improve my neural efficiency in the three powerlifts (I should mention I’m a powerlifter)?

Thanks very much.

High frequency training for the powerlifts and really concentrating on them.

Make sure you form and technique are solid too.

Apart from what those two ^ have said, are there any other techniques that would help? e.g. cluster training

Coach CT mentioned on his log that RSS Training improve your neural efficiency.
You should give it a try. I’ve done it for 12 weeks with great results.
This is the link to the workout
Russian Strength-Skill: The Workouts and this is a template he provided on his log a little bit before the article being published Russian SS Workout · GitHub

^that. I blew up in size last year from 185-230lbs, and my strength went up with it, but I am just a little bit less efficient than I used to be. I did the RSS program for 8 weeks and got much stronger @215 than I was @230lbs.

Currently doing a press spec phase but I suspect I will go back to doing RSS again afterwards. It’s such a simple, neat program that doesn’t take much time out of the day, or a ton of planning, and it works.