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Neural Charge vs Double Stimulation/Restorative Workouts

What are the main differences in the purposes of adding neural chargevworkouts versus adding in double stimulation/restorative workouts.

I have read your articles on these workout types but do not fully process how they fit in.

To be specific, I am training primarily for strength/powerlifting while trying to get down to 198 (from 210) primarily in the 2-5 rep range using 2-3 big exercises per workout.

I am considering adding in sled walks (forward and backward with different arm movements rotated-lat sweeps, face pulls, chest flyes, shoulder raises, pull-throughs, overhead walks. These would be light for 6-12 x 120 feet done in about 20 minutes.

The other option I am considering is to add 20 minute neural drive circuits-jumps and throws.

What are the main reasons for doing the sled workout versus a neural charge circuit while lifting heavy 4-5 days/week?