Neural Charge Training VS. The Best Damn Workout Plan

Hey Christian,

I’m a skinny guy and my goal is to gain muscle mass. I want to be as effective as possible.
I’m currently eating like a mad man and I already see some weight coming on. I’m using the best damn workout plan for natural lifters for 2 weeks now and I like the concept. I always track the weights I use and the reps I do with those weights via a app. Currently I always try to do heavier weight then the previous session with the same exercices. Would you say it would be more beneficial to use lower weights but really feel the muscle instead of trying to get stronger with the best damn workout plan? And I’m trying to wrap my head around what those session should be like intensity wise?

Now today I read your article about the Neural Charge Training.
Would you recommend that over the best damn training program for a skinny guy like me that wants to put on as much muscle mass as possible?

Thank you and greetings from Germany

That is actually a very good question. You should strive to lift more weight BUT not at the expense of feeling the right muscle do the work. If you can add weight while maintaining the same quality of contraction, that;s what you need to do. If by adding weight you lose some of the tension in the target muscle, wait one or two workout prior to adding weight.


Neural charge workouts are NOT to build muscle. It is to recharge the nervous system when you feel mentally drained or as a recovery tool during a deload week.

Thank you sir, that was helpful, now I understand it :slight_smile:

Been some time since revisting neural charge training but CT can it be used as a “warmup”/activator prior to workouts?

Perhaps cut a few rounds short, but do a mini NC workout for say 10-15 minutes prior to the actual muscle building workout?

Would that be helpful or will it incur too much fatigue (if done throughout the week on a high freq plan…)

I am not CT but I remember some Articles saying, that plyometrics prior to exercise might be beneficial because they prime the nervous system.

From my experience I can say, that even explosive exercises like high pulls are beneficial for the bench press.