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Neural Charge Training Question


Hello, i apologize because i couldn't find the correct place for this thread.

I train 5x a week for 1-2 hours intensely, we do 3 minutes on 1 minute off by the bell for boxing.
Would it be ok for me to use the plyo pushups at the end of my workout 5 days a week?

I've always heard your not supposed to do plyometrics to often, and they should be seperate from hard training (i know this is just what i heard).

So if someone could clear this up for me i would be grateful


Let me put my conditioning hat on for a second, and yes that's the forum this should be in,

  1. Ok to do plyo push-ups as suggested? Sure, but it won't really do shit for you. That is just a token prescription that will elicit no physiological adaptation. Half the nonsense written justifying neural charge is just taking a pile of physiological adaptation and attributing them to this fancy word.

  2. You can do specific plyometric based training to increase explosive force production with quite high frequency if you are appropriately conditioned, and shock horror (what all the crossfit plebs forget) once you have a well established strength base in place.

  3. Should they be separate from hard training? In my experience, no. Appropriate prescription can easily see plyometric based training combined in with either a resistance training program, cardiorespiratory program, or sports specific program, depending on what you particular training goals are.

Find someone to help you with designing a good program so that you are appropriately combining plyometrics into your regular routine as a supplement to your other training. This will lead to appropriate exercise choice so that the plyometrics 'supplement' your training, not destroy it.

Again, best directed to the conditioning forum (I don't go there in my 'T-Nation' world, this is all about building copious amounts of muscle baby yeah!!!).

So, for my 'bodybuilding' answer, who gives a shit about plyometrics. Work on a lagging bodypart.