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Neural Charge Training - Interesting Side Effects


Christian, I've noticed that after doing some NC movements, my thinking, focus, concentration and general feelings of well being increase dramatically. A long time ago I had chronic fatigue for 7 years and one of the residual symptoms that still sometimes lingers is brain fog - kind of a cognitive haze.

A few weeks ago I was feeling the effects of brain fog and performed a few NC movements. Within 30 minutes the fog had lifted and I was feeling great again. Usually it takes a few days to disappear.

Also, I'm an elementary school teacher teaching year 6 - I was thinking that a morning and afternoon session with the kids performing some of these movements might be beneficial to boosting their focus and learning. What do you think?


Powerful stuff, right? :slightly_smiling:

Sounds like a damn good recipe to me . . . Good to hear the neural activation training is treating your body well!


Neural Charge Training and eccentric-less training to supplement normal or even eccentric-emphasis training has been THE greatest new techniques developed in the world of muscle building....for me at least.

My training philsophy is quite a bit different than what Thibs promotes these days, but that doesn't mean I can't try and incorporate as many aspects of his techniques into my own training. As mentioned above, neural charge and eccentric-less methods on my off training days are techniques that have revolutionized my own training. Heck, even using the neural charge as the activation movement (yet ANOTHER Thibs concept that I've successfully incorporated) has improved literally every aspect of my own muscle building strategy.

As much as I find it difficult to sometimes adopt new concepts to my own tried and true methods, I have to give T-Nation and Thibs HUGE kudos in communicating these ideas to stubborn old time meatheads like myself.


hm it can work for older kids (I know what I'm talking about, in secondary schools last year I started every day of mine with some explosive bodyweight stuff, short sprints and jumps before school, and my performance-attention was way better when I left for school with just the regular "breakfast" stuff.

But I'd include sports-some kind of training for young little kids, as below the age of 10 almost every one of them is hyperactive and has difficulties with sitting still for more than 2 minutes :slightly_smiling: so it would be fine to "calm them down" if they're agitated and light them up when they are sleepy, foggy or something.

"Light, refreshing sport" (which is imho almost the same as NCT) is a double-bladed sword, it's good when you lack the mood, energy for anything and even better when you're nervous and feel that you have to do something :slightly_smiling:


Totally agree with buffd_samurai, Thibs has done an amazing job, not too many "new ideas" in lifting are actually all that new, usually they're just rebranded versions of stuff that's been around for years, but the NC and eccentric-less stuff he is putting out now is stuff nobody has heard of before (as far as i know) so I thank you Mr. Thibaudeau, especially as you're giving all of this away for FREE!

And by the way, buffd_samurai, what is your training like? (I just like to see what other people do and find works, out of interest)

OP, doing NC techniques with your kids sounds like something that could be effective, but with all the red-tape and litigation-loving world we live in, i would be very cautious about going beyond your remit as a teacher (unless you are also qualified as a PE teacher?) to avoid people causing trouble for you; competence is not enough, even though you may know what you're doing, unless you have a piece of paper saying it you could get sued or something.


Sorry for such a late response...I haven't revisited this thread til today.

Before I answer any type of question like this with regards to my own training,diet, etc, I like to state my standard "small print" disclaimer: what works for me may not work for everyone. I am a very very strong believer in the uniqueness of every individual's physiology and I am not one who subscribes to the philosophy that "one way is best".

OK, that being said, my training for the last several years has been centered around upper body/lower body splits and only on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This means upper body is trained twice one week and only one time the next week for example. After decades of experimentation and paying very close attention to my body response over the years, I have found this to be the most optimal training style for me. Keep in mind that I also do not have the luxury of alot of time to train more often...or else I would have.

My training focuses on power training on any movement that I do, be it multi-joint or single joint. My repetitions are done acceleration style on the concentric, and I EMPHASIZE the eccentric...something that is losing a little favor these days, but something that works TREMENDOUSLY well for me. I always pyramid up in weight, doing sets of 5 reps until I hit a weight that I can barely get 5 reps (yes...I DO grinding). I do another set at that weight then I do a down pumping set (maybe 60% of those two working sets) where I emphasize acceleration style repetitions.

Insert the magic of Anaconda, MAG-10, and neural charge workouts here. My progess after only a week of incorporating these into my standard training is eye opening for me. I believe I am very in tune with my body and its needs...never would I have thought that there was something else I could add (other than anabolics...but that is another story; just to let you know as you read this, I have been off of anabolics for several years now) that would improve what I have come up with on my own.

I can't say enough of the ideas CT has infused into my brain via his introduction of his training techniques and T-Nation's peri-workout nutrition. As others have indicated in other posts on this subject, this has truly been a game changer....FOR ME.

Now, I believe there is some debate as to what really is the best and fastest way to gain size and power....one common element I think for ANY training system should be peri-workout nutrition using something like Anaconda or MAG-10...neural charge workouts and eccentric-less training for added volume. Truly, truly notable developments in the world of muscle building.


Absolutely, know what you mean with the disclaimer. I'm not one of those kids looking for the latest bandwagon to jump on for the next 3 weeks before jumping ship again (...any more, been there done that).

This sounds not too dissimilar to my training at the moment. I don't have too much time to train any more, so I just had to get smarter with what time I do have, so I'm now getting more results with 3-4 hours a week as when I was training 7 days a week and sometimes twice. I usually do an upper/lower split on mon/tues then a whole body thursday, but that can change depending on my work schedule, with most of my training compound exercises where I focus on accelerating the weight maximally (something that always felt more natural than doing everything slowly like people told me to, then everyone changed and started saying you should do everything fast as poss.)

Since my daughter was born I can't train at weekends any more as my wife works during the day and my gym shuts at 2 for some reason, so on saturdays I've started doing a neural charge workout at home with the limited gear I have (couple of KBs, med ball, etc.) and occassionally go and run hills, flip tyres, push and pull my car, etc on saturday evenings for fun. Hopefully my wife will get me the sledgehammer I asked for for xmas to add that in.