Neural Charge Training for Type 1 on Day of Powerlifting Meet?

Hey Coach

I was wondering after hearing your capsules on NCT how you use them the morning of the competition with type 1’s, like with 1A (my profile) overcoming isometrics 3-4 sets of 6-9 seconds with plenty of rest for the squat pattern and bench pattern (if powerlifting in the evening).

My question is, if we did the NCT in the morning, should i use isometrics also as a warm up before the lifts or just warm up by ramping the weights, no isometrics (would it be and overkill) ??

Thanks, your content is quality stuff and every week i have a lot of it to go through :slight_smile:

9 seconds is too much… 3-6 seconds for potentiation before a competition.

You don’t need them during the warm-up, your regular warm-up and stress of competition will be enough.

Be careful though. If you are TOO amped up it can thighten your hip flexors and you might cut your depth short on your first squat.

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Thank you, will do.

Will let you know in 12 weeks how the program goes :wink:

Excellent thank you!