Neural Charge Training for Adrenal Fatigue?

Would neural charge training be an effective way to help heal the adrenal glands? I feel like CNS fatigue and adrenal fatigue go hand in hand

Well of course they work hand in hand. That’s a given.

Neural charge training can absolutely be used to recover from that. But this is NOT done by adding NC workouts to your week, but by doing 1 or even 2 weeks of ONLY NC workouts.

Hi, coach,

sorry to bring up that old topic. After 2 weeks of NC workouts, how can I incorporate them into regular training? I don’t have high targets, and after 45 yo, my main aim is general health, especially CNS and hormones. I had some nasty effects from overtraining, stress, etc, so now I train EOD. From what I see NC workouts can be done very often, so maybe 2-3 in a week + 1-2 hypertrophy and strength workouts would be OK?

NC workout can still cause central fatigue and beta-adrenergic downregulation since they work by increasing activation via an increase in dopamine and adrenaline.

If you want to use them to feel better during your week and perform better in your regular workout I recommend NOT adding NC workouts to your regular schedule (doing more weekly workouts) but replacing regular workouts in your week by NC sessions.

For example, if your regular schedule includes 4 weekly hypertrophy/strength sessions, replace 1 or 2 of them by neural charge workouts.

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In the past you have recommended that NC workouts are only to be performed by Type 1A’s, 1B’s and 2A’s.

What if you’re a type 3 with a lot of 1A traits (40% or above)? Can NC workouts have a place in their training to recover the nervous system?

I for one am a 3 but I’m experiencing back and forth issues with central fatigue every now and then. I also really hate to sit still for longer than an hour. I just feel like I need to get up and move to feel good. It feels like you’re anxious to get going, but not the kind of anxiety you would experience with fear. More of an impatience and longing to catch that dopamine rush.

I don’t think that they can be used to recover, not anymore. What they do is activate the CNS and, to some extent, the peripheral nervous system. So they make you “feel (and perform better”. But because they do spike adrenaline (and dopamine to some extent) they can cause central fatigue.

If they are to be used for recovery, it is either by doing them instead of a few regular workouts. As they do represent a lower demand than regular sessions while still being stimulatory.

I’ll remember this as the key take away, thank you CT.

Have you, perhaps, developed strategies to recover from central fatigue? It’s actually one of the questions I e-mailed you a while ago but as you explained you were busy at that point in time.

I would really like to gain more knowledge on this topic because it is so important but often neglected due to lack of understanding.

The only source I’ve found from you was a presentation you gave at the SWISS 2018 symposium but I cannot purchase this presentation separately. You need to buy the whole stack.