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Neural Charge Training Days


Hey coach, could you possibly provide a quick outline of how you would set up a Neural Charge Training day? Thanks!


Neat avatar. CT said an article will be posted about neural charge workouts soon - no idea when - and you can also check out the training lab, it has a short vid on neural charge sessions.


So are u saying you'd like a ride?


lol Not likely.


from what I understand: pick 3-5 movements, do 3-5 explosive reps of each. Stop the circuit when you are getting amped. I also copied this from someone else

This is something that CT posted in one of his other forums. its a list of good exercises to choose from when trying to formulate a nueral charge workout...

- Incline plyo push-ups
- Plyo push up
- Close grip incline plyo push-ups
- Close-grip plyo push ups
- Diamond incline plyo push-ups
- Diamond plyo push ups
- Depth push-ups
- Side-to-side plyo push ups
- Whole body push-up projection

- Vertical jump reset
- Vertical jump series
- Frog jump
- Box jump
- Depth jump for height
- Depth jump for length
- Broad jump reset
- Broad jump series
- Bulgarian squat jump
- Split squat jump
- Stair climb jump
- Side-to-side hockey jumps
- Side-to-side tuck jump
- Tuck jump
- Jump lunges
- Ankle jumps
- Speed lunges

- Chest throw kneeling
- Chest throw with forward lunge
- Soccer throw
- Medicine ball slam
- Throw up �¢?? catch �¢?? and slam
- Snatch throw
- Push press throw

- Speed press
- Speed press alternated
- Speed chest press
- Speed chest press alternated
- Speed lat pulldown
- Speed pulldown alternated
- Speed rowing
- Speed rowing alternated
- Speed curl
- Speed curl alternated
- Speed triceps extension
- Speed triceps extension alternated
- Push-ups with added band
- Pull-through and swing

- Push up
- Rowing
- Rear delts
- Straight-arms to hips (lats)
- Face pull
- Curl
- Triceps extension
- External rotation

- Power clean
- Push press
- Power clean and push press
- Power snatch
- Snatch jump
- Clean jump
- Snatch high pull
- Clean high pull
- Speed squat

- DB swing
- 1-arm DB clean and press
- 1-arm DB snatch
- DB jump squat
- DB jump lunges

- Pushing
- Dragging backwards
- Pull-through
- Front raise
- Chest press
- Rear delts high


Sweet! Thanks byukid. I am loving the HP Mass workouts so far.