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Neural Charge Session Placement?

Hi Coach, I hope all is well with you and the family. As a Type 1B, I am currently using a 6 day, low volume push, legs, pull training split - as laid out below - and would kindly like your opinion, as to where to place neural charge workouts?

M Push
T Legs
W Pull - Back Width
T Push
F Legs
S Pull - Back Thickness
S Off

Well, you are already training 6xa week. Not sure if adding work is smart, even if it is in the form of a neural charge session.

Even though it is low stress, a neural charge session still increases adrenaline (it’s why it can amps you up and improve performance) and having too much adrenaline for too long can lead to beta-adrenergic downregulate which can lead to a training burnout.

In your case I would likely use neural charges INSTEAD of a regular workout when you feel run down or your motivation decreasing.

Thank you, Coach. Also, since I am using a higher frequency, would I better to focus on two main pressing movements on pressing day, instead of the the three prescribed in Hp mass I.e Military, Incline and Flat Bench?

Absolutely. The more frequency you do, the less work per session you should do.