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Neural Charge Routines


What are everybody's Neural Charge routines?


incline plyo pushups
frog jumps
dumbbell swings
push press
ankle jumps

3-5 reps per set for 4 sets each in circuit fashion.


changes every time




I generally do 2 jumping exercises, a whole-body explosive movement, and an upper body exercise. Change it up everytime.


The only exercise i have used in consecutive NC workouts is the power snatch


I really appreciate the feedback. I'm in my first official week of HPM; and I'm planning to do a different NC workout every time.


Nearly all of mine are bodyweight only in a nearby park....usually consists of 2 lower body jumps, one upper body plyo and short sprints... on occasion i take a med ball with me which creates a few more options!


Today i did Bench press, Vertical Jump, Push Press, Bulgarian jump squat, med ball slam. Didnt really like this one as much as i thought. My favorite has been Power Snatch, Plyo pushup, Tuck jump, Med Ball throw(throw it up in the air as high you can, like a push press) Box Jump. I never make it past 3 sets with that one cause im so amped at that point.


tuck jumps
incline plyo pushup
Box Jumps
Med Ball Slam


then 2 jump variations and 2 pushup variations giant setted


How long does everyone's NC workouts last? With low reps and perfoming them in a circuit, they seem to be pretty short.


like 15-20 minutes usually


How many sets are you doing if your workouts are 15-20 minutes? I picked 5 NC exercises, ran through 5 supersets and still finishes in 8 minutes.


Mine usually last anywhere from 15-30 minutes. You really shouldn't time them though. Just go by feel. When you start feeling a significant increase in performance is when you should stop. And if your performance starts to decrease at all for any exercise you drop that exercise from the circuit.

I used to time them but then I just started going by feel and stopping whenever I felt "better".


I usually do 4 exercises, go 4 or 5 sets, and am done in about 10 minutes flat. Figure maybe 10 seconds per exercise and 10 seconds between = 20 seconds x 20 exercises = 6.5 minutes minutes. Maybe 3.5 extra minutes spent cursing at my constantly malfunctioning mp3 player.


I've noticed that as I do more NC WO's I get 'activated' more quickly. It usually just takes me 10-15 mins max to feel like I really want to tear up some serious weights and that's where I stop. I do 3 NC WO's / week.

I have also noticed that I am getting more efficient at some of my exercise choices. I.E. Medicine ball push press throws. I do this with a 15lb ball inside the basketball court at my gym, today I came close to hitting the ceiling on my 3rd set which is about a 8' improvement since I began. Also doing jumps up the staircase, like a standing broad jump but UP the stairs so there is no impact on landing, kind of like a box jump but continuously up the stairs, resetting on each landing. I can take 4 at a time, gets some strange looks but it feels great!

I rotate exercises every NC WO - never the same, but favorites are the stairs broad jump, med ball slams and push press w/ ball.