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Neural Charge & Recovery

If explosive work is demanding on the nervous system, how do neural charge sessions work when it comes to recovery?

At what point does explosive work become a stressor?

Actually for someone who is negatively impacted by neurological work. “Recovery work” is best done by doing “pump/mind-muscle connection” work. 20-25 minute sessions with bands or cable exercises doing sets of 40-60 seconds focusing on flexing the muscles and not going to failure.

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Is this related to neurotype? Would a type 3 need a different recharge/deload/recovery than, say, a type 2a?


1A = neural chargewith high tension exercises (overcoming isometrics, loaded carries) 20 minutes, fairly long rests

1B = Traditional neural charge

2A = Everything can be used

2B = mind-muscle connection work

3 = Technical practice with light weights