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Neural Charge for Rugby?


Hey all, I have a Neural Charge Question for you all to chime in on,

During my rugby season i have 2 practices (Tuesday,Thursday) and games on saturdays. I was planning on following 5/3/1 in season twice a week lifting. Would it make sense to have neural charge workouts before my practices and games or with my 5/3/1 workouts too? If so, what kind of circuits would help me perform better as a Rugby Prop?


I am also looking into this. After my game on saturday, i went into the gym and did some of the Nueral charged workouts and my soreness reduced way more then if i had not done it. I know that does not answer your question but, what i understand about them you can do them whenever you want.


Right on, thanks. I was thinking more toward before games to be sharper on the pitch, but thats really good to hear that it's a good recovery tool after practices and games aswell. Where do you play,? The pitch is knee deep in snow right now in these parts? What position do you play? What did your circuit look like?


I am currently playing for Freed Hardeman University. We are a small D3 school in TN, but im from Pennsylvania so i understand the pitch being covered in snow. Our field actually was a huge mud puddle because it had snowed down here. I play Tight head so pretty similiar to you. Sunday i just tried to do a full body one to work out some kinks.

Did the Hockey Jumps, The speed squats, incline plyo and close grip plyo. I just set a the reps to about 5 and did it 3 sets. I am not fully sure how to set up a circuit to use the neural charge. I am still confused on how exactly one should look.

I have been doing some of them warming up though before i workout and am planning on doing a circuit later today, but my buddy is creating that and we are going to do it together so once i find out ill be sure to reply.


Right on, looking forward to it.


Alright, just got back and typing this before rugby practice. We did 10lb medicine ball slams, verticle jumps, push presses, and standing broad jump. We did 3 sets of 5 reps of each of them and we had planned 4 but by the 3rd one we were feeling good and like CT said you cant take back what has already happened.