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Neural Charge Circuit

Hi Coach, would the following circuit be okay for Neural Charge training?

Snatch or Clean Jump
Plyo Push up
Broad Jumps or Hurdle Jumps
Med Ball Throw
30m Sled Sprint

Repeat 4-5 times.

Drop the sled sprints or lower i to 10m. We do not want ANY METABOLIC EFFECT, 30 sec will create one and will increase breathing too much.

Remember: the role of the neural charge is NOT to create a training effect; it’s only to amp up the nervous system.

You WILL screw it up if…

  • Your rest is too short between exercises
  • You use too much weight or too many reps (normally I recommend 3 reps)
  • You have ANY form of fatigue… breathing harder, sweating, begining of lactic acid accumulation
  • The session lasts longer than 20 minutes