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Neural Charge - Broad Jump

Since seeing the Neural Charge videos I have been incorporating the standing broad jump with reset in my NC WO’s.

I get the best results on the 3rd circuit and 4th circuit if I complete a 4th; 4th seems to be equal to the 3rd but does not surpass it’s performance.

What would be decent distances for standing long jump? ( I have been getting 8-8.5 feet per jump by the 3rd circuit) Is that good? I have no idea…

Improving the broad jump would be a function of improving explosive leg drive and better stretch reflex; is that right?

Is the broad jump a better assessment test and neural activation tool more than anything?

mine is a little longer but they’re both not great, decent or average i’d say

it is a display of posterior chain rate of force development/explosiveness…there is no run up so the stretch reflex is eliminated for the most part although there is and eccentric contraction prior to take off

it’s best used as an assessment tool for the above and I’d put it in the higher level variations of activation exercises, the eccentric stress when you land is quite high

it can also be used in a training sense, and ct has prescribed it, during complex training programs, also for the above

activated deads with these today and actually manages 284cm which is 9’4, pb by 10cms or so i beleive