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Neural Charge as a Form of GPP Work?

Hello coach,

I am coming from a bit of a lay off about 3 weeks of inconsistent training due to a very hectic summer schedule. By inconsistent I mean doing only 2 workouts a week and missing out on some of my normal style of training and not hitting all major movement patterns. Now that I have my schedule back in somewhat of an order and I’m gonna stop fucking around and get back on the horse.

I designed my own program with the guidelines you put out in your most recent article. Goal is to improve strength on 4 big lifts while adding some muscle mass. I know if I jumped right into a heavy high intensity program right off the bat my performance would suffer and I know my conditioning is not where it used to be at a month ago.

So my question is could I use the neural charge workouts as a form of GPP work before hoping on my strength phase? I know the purpose is to enhance recovery but as well I feel like this would also be good to run for a few weeks to get my body ready for heavier weights?

Thank you.

No… if you want to get back in shape conditioning-wise do (each workout):

1 main strength lift
1 assistance exercise
2-3 bodybuilding movements
Loaded carries for 60-80m (or prowler or sled) or some other form of conditioning for about 15-20 minutes

Coach, what distances would you use with the Prowler/Sled, for a conditioning effect?