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Neural Charge/Active Recovery Circuits


I have started doing these neural charge/active recovery workouts on my days off, and so far it's going pretty good. But, as CT mentioned in the live spill, you have to rotate exercises every so often. I was looking for some good exercises to use during these days.

I only have 1 barbell to use, and I usually use that for cleans or snatches as the first exercise. I do jumps, push ups, and dumbbell snatches throughout my actual workouts as activation so I don't generally use them in a neural charge workout.

So the advice I am asking for is some good active recovery exercises that you guys like to use.


- Incline plyo push-ups
- Plyo push up
- Close grip incline plyo push-ups
- Close-grip plyo push ups
- Diamond incline plyo push-ups
- Diamond plyo push ups
- Depth push-ups
- Side-to-side plyo push ups
- Whole body push-up projection

- Vertical jump reset
- Vertical jump series
- Frog jump
- Box jump
- Depth jump for height
- Depth jump for length
- Broad jump reset
- Broad jump series
- Bulgarian squat jump
- Split squat jump
- Stair climb jump
- Side-to-side hockey jumps
- Side-to-side tuck jump
- Tuck jump
- Jump lunges
- Ankle jumps
- Speed lunges

- Chest throw kneeling
- Chest throw with forward lunge
- Soccer throw
- Medicine ball slam
- Throw up â?? catch â?? and slam
- Snatch throw
- Push press throw

- Speed press
- Speed press alternated
- Speed chest press
- Speed chest press alternated
- Speed lat pulldown
- Speed pulldown alternated
- Speed rowing
- Speed rowing alternated
- Speed curl
- Speed curl alternated
- Speed triceps extension
- Speed triceps extension alternated
- Push-ups with added band
- Pull-through and swing

- Push up
- Rowing
- Rear delts
- Straight-arms to hips (lats)
- Face pull
- Curl
- Triceps extension
- External rotation

- Power clean
- Push press
- Power clean and push press
- Power snatch
- Snatch jump
- Clean jump
- Snatch high pull
- Clean high pull
- Speed squat

- DB swing
- 1-arm DB clean and press
- 1-arm DB snatch
- DB jump squat
- DB jump lunges

- Pushing
- Dragging backwards
- Pull-through
- Front raise
- Chest press
- Rear delts high


My God. I'll be busy for a while :slightly_smiling:

Thanks CT! More than helpful.


Thanks for posting this CT. I've used numerous variations of these so far. I am wondering if using the bands during a neural charge workout should be limited to the 9-12 second window as with the regular workouts, or if it would be better to reduce the time to 5-7 seconds per set?

So far I have limited my neural charge movements to 1-3 repetitions per set. Would you suggest adding a rep or so as the nervous system adapts to the movements over a 2-3 week period?


This is awesome, thanks CT. alot of these exercises people can do right in their home in the morning to kick start their day, which really comes in handy for me personally. i dont think i will ever have trouble figuring out what to do for a neural charge workout again.


thanks, this certainly come in handy. I just didi a neurel recharge workout using only bw excerises, this list certainly gave me more options to choose from


any solid answer on mechanics for these workouts?

CT mentioned he was going to share one that we can do in the morning at home, but i havent seen it.

they are supposed to be short circuits right?

any idea on set/reps or frequency? I know the point is to charge and not get tired.


Watch the livespill relating to this it has all the answers sapling