Nettle Root Used as an Aromatase Inhibitor

I have been using 50/1 concentrate of Nettle Root for an aromatase inhibitor, 1.5g 2x day while on cycle (450mg Test E. divided into 3 pins weekly). I seem to be having great results. Has anyone heard of or tried this?

Never heard about that but I’d be interested to the what the data says. What’s your e2 level now vs. before?

I’ll get blood work in about a week. Before cycle E2 was 38.9 on 150mg/week TRT and didn’t feel too bad. I’m running 450mg/week at the moment and by the end of week 2 I started feeling pretty bad. Symptom wise I feel much better after just 3 days of taking the nettle root concentrate. Before I felt like a constant hot flash, high blood pressure, bloat, fatigue… all of which are mostly gone.

I’ve successfully used DIM in the past to control E but there comes a point where increasing the dosage begins to yeild less and less results. Considering the cost of DIM versus Arimidex I chose to go back to Adex. No experience with Nettle Root; I would also be interested in seeing your bloods.

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Interesting! I haven’t heard of DIM before. I looked it up and that sounds really promising. What dosage did you use?

I started @ 200mg ED I believe and eventually worked up to 800mg ED which is where I noticed very little difference between a dose of 600mg ED (point of note, I was also dosing my T at a level ‘slightly’ higher than my prescribed protocol). I have blood test results for each step of my DIM experiment at home otherwise I would share them with you now. I beleive I could have been able to control my E levels at my normal TRT dosage with around 600mg ED if my memory is correct.

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Please keep us posted. I have a horrible problem with tanking my E2 with OTC stuff. DIM tanked my e2, Sam-E tanked my e2. On trt right now.

Im currently taking some nettle root for its SHBG and hairloss prevention properties. I didn’t think it was really affecting my e2.

Please let us know if your e2 starts to go low, or if you feel low e2 symptoms or if you get labs!. Might lay off the nettle root.


I will definitely keep updating. Are you using nettle root powder or nettle root concentrate? The concentrate that I’m using is definitely pretty powerful stuff. I’ve had significant symptom relief from high E2 after just 3 days. Might be too much if I were on my normal TRT protocol. I feel pretty good though with E2 in the 30’s so I don’t use anything while on TRT dose of 150mg.

300mg of the nettle root concentrate.

My knees are super sensitive to lowering of e2 and they have been bugging me the last few days, I wonder if its messed with my e2.

I see people say one way or the other. Blocking SHBG should increase test AND estrogen though. So it will be interesting to see labs.

The research I read suggested that nettle root has equal aromatase inhibitor qualities to Letrazol. They didn’t reference any dosages though…

Nearing the end of my fourth week on cycle and feeling a bit of uncomfortable estrogen sides again. I’ve increased nettle root concentrate (dissolved in hot water :wink:) to 2g morning and night.
Interesting note… After starting use of this, I hit a crazy growth spurt and gained a pound every day for a week and all my work sets went way up. Idk if it was the Test just kicking in or the combo but it was pretty rad.

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Up to 2.5g twice daily

man that’s a lot! any more effects?

I don’t seem to be having any estrogen sides at all. Oily skin is gone, solid emotionally, very little water retention. Before I started using the nettle root concentrate I was having terrible hot flashes where my face would turn red and feel like popping. That’s gone. Blood pressure has dropped quite a bit too which is awesome because it was getting a bit high. I’m not running real high Test, 480mg week. Making gains like crazy though!

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Sounds like taking a knife to a gun fight.

From TRT we know that E2=22pg/ml seems optimal for almost all guys.

Post E2 labs.
With higher E2 SHBG can increase.
Also do CBC, hematocrit, AST/ALT
For AST/ALT you need to get muscles rested, back off training and must not have DOMS.

He’s not on TRT dosages so why is that relevant? Also on cycle bodybuilders don’t stop training long enough to do an AST/ALT draw accurately. It’s like asking him to test c reactive protein as a weightlifter.


Honestly at this dose I prefer to go by how I feel rather than strict numbers. I only have time for a short 8 week cycle right now and with only 3 weeks left there isn’t time to adjust much. I feel great at the moment other than wanting to sleep all the time which I feel is fine.
When I drop back to TRT dosage I’ll get some blood work done for supporting evidence and post it here.
I also believe that higher E levels can be expected when running higher T levels and as long as the ratio is kept far apart all goes well.
I am running a conservative T dose where I don’t get much sides to worry about.

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We learn a lot from TRT. Ignore if you wish or come up with something guided by lots of labs and observations from BB guys.

So do not bother wasting time+$ on AST/ALT? That is one option. But some gear is very hard on the liver and labs are needed to change behavior.

Effect of resistance training on C-reactive protein, blood glucose and lipid profile in older women with differing levels of RT experience - PMC
shows decrease in CRP in women

Same here: Effects of resistance training on the inflammatory response - PMC

Anything that you can direct me to re CRP?
We do not see CRP elevation in TRT guys as a rule, training or not. But not all get that tested.

My laymen’s understanding is that CRP tests for markers that indicate inflamation. In average people (who don’t work out) these elevated markers are read as signs of liver damage…when dealing with BBers CRP is often elevated due to the constant damage/repair cycles atributed to the lifestyle…
@physioLojik is that basically your point?



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