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Nettle Root, Other Alternative T-Boosters


Just been reading up on alternative test boosters last night... been ignoring all the usual crap but then I came across nettle root.

Apparently it binds to SHBG, inhibiting SHBG pairing up with test... the end result is a greater proportion of free testosterone.

Does any have any literature/sources to support this?

What about stacking it with trib (total test increase) and chrysin (anti est)?

Any thoughts?


Would also be interested in this


Picked up a couple of bottles of Avena Sativa herbal extract (green oats) today in holland and barrets (were only 4 quid each =]).

I have heard three things about them so far from various sources...
- lowers SHBG
- inhibits SHBG-testosterone interaction
- increases total testosterone

Not so sure which one is accurate :s

Anyone know?


More research still haha!

A lot of the herbal supps linked with increasing total testosterone seem to do absolutely shit all... trib and the such included.

What I am trying to achieve is a herbal stack that will keep things right at the high end of normal.

Chrysin and other herbal based anti est's are likely to be useless at this test range also - although they wouldnt hurt.

The priority seems to fall on inhibiting SHBG-testosterone binding. Nettle root, Avena Sativa are two that have been suggested to do this - any more?


If you haven't already consider reading up on Alpha Male. Eurycoma longfolia, which it contains, works to hinder SHBG as well. It also contains vitex which is inhibiting prolactin and estrogen. Stacking this with REZ-V which Acts as both an estrogen antagonist and an aromatase inhibitor is ideal. This stack is very effective in regard to maintaining high natural test levels.



Alpha Male and Rez-V are two supps I have already looked in to.... unfortunatly in the UK they typically cost double what they are in the US. Im not quite willing to pay out the equivilant of 180 dollars or so for a bottle of each which will more or less last me a month.

Unfortunatly a lot of similar products in the UK are pretty shocking.


I don't believe that Chrysin has ever shown to be effective in the body, which is why it's not popular any longer.