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Nettle Root: Blocks or Frees DHT?


Hey guys!

I have been trying almost ALL natural test boosters for the past 3 years, and I found out that only one made a SUBSTANTIAL change : nettle root.

It shows on the paper : my free test went from 15 pg/dl to 22pg/dl, and I am feeling a lot more ready for life since I take it.

But I am reading confusing stuffs on the subject : some say it frees both T and DHT from SHBG, other that it blocks 5a-reductase and therefore T from converting to DHT, and others that it SPECIFICALLY blocks 5a-reductase in some DHT receptors, such as the scalp or the prostate.

Who's right? Who's wrong?
Am I getting more or less DHT from nettle root? Is it blocked or is it freed?

Thanks a lot!




Blocks DHT


I think you are someone that works for a nettle root supply company trying to stir up interest and sell more nettle root. I'm onto you.