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Nettle Root and Estradiol


Nettle Root suppresses SHBG, so we can expect to raise both Testosterone and Estradiol. I have read that SHBG binds more strongly to Testosterone than to Estradiol, or binds preferentially to Testosterone, so it stands to reason that Stinging Nettle Root would favorably alter the Testosterone: Estradiol ratio.

However, in my own experience, symptomatically, this is not the case. When I take 300mg Nettle Root extract 1-2 times a day, the elevation of testosterone is unmistakable, but the elevation of estradiol is more prominent, even to the point of persistent nipple soreness.

It is it possible that under certain circumstances, Nettle Root's might do more harm than good to T:E levels?

Before anyone asks, I am on TRT. I am not yet on an AI (I'm working on that).


everyone seems to respond differently to herbal supplements. they work for some, but not others, and can have weird uncontrollable effects at times.


It will then also reduce E2-SHBG binding, increasing free E2.


it also has anti aromatase property, but more so by lowering shbg your bio T goes up and so does your bio e2 as ksman pointed out.


Nettle Root I believe suppresses the conversion to DHT which has negative outcomes as well. I stopped taking it after reading KSman's discussion on it in previous posts.


That is why you get levels montiored.
nettle is great for BPH. I take 1,000 mgs a day.


HAN, I think that you are taking some DHT type meds? Those are prostate friendly?


taking proviron at 25 mgs to help with shbg due to thyroid increasing it. At 25 mgs a day it will not aggravate prostate over 50 mgs it can. I love proviron as it acts slightly as anti E but ups my Bio T. My strength has been getting insane even on 25 mgs a day. My hair has never been fuller, shinier, and silkier then ever, a pee fine. I will check DHT on next labs. I take nettles to complement the proviron in keeping shbg in check as well as prostate healthy. On nettles I have full ejaculations more then normal.


Are DHT lab tests sensitive to proviron to some degree?


we will find out my freind but the nettle may be counteracting it. So it will be a good way to find could a low dose of proviron and nettle actually be a viable method for dealing with SHBG issues. Like I said I am always the human guinea pig LOL


how much does that dose lower your estrogen. This maybe useful to others that are extremely sensitive to AI's like myself. Also if its a mild anti-e why is this not suggested to your patients that are having trouble with AI's being way to strong and causing sides? If its mild enough it could be the solution to me staying on TRT and not coming off do to no way to control estrogen.



Thanks for your replies. I appreciate the info.

As far as my own little n = 1 experiment goes, I have gone off Nettle Root altogether and have seen the estrogenic sides go away. Nipple sensitivity is gone and sluggishness and moodiness are much improved.




Nettle root absolutely DESTROYED my erections. Just murdered them. I had just started dating a new girl and it ruined that relationship. It wasn’t psychological, I could barely get it up by myself. I couldn’t orgasm with her. It was a struggle to make myself orgasm! And when I did, the volume was about 1/2 what it was.

It took me a while to connect the dots - it was basically the only thing that had changed. I stopped taking it and about 4 excruciatingly long weeks later everything was back to normal.

That was about 3 years ago and I could never understand why it broke my dick the way it did. It was supposed to RAISE T and possibly be an AI as well. 10 weeks ago I did my first ever steroid cycle Test E… and about 6 weeks in the same thing started happening - ED again! I couldn’t believe it. And my gains started slowing. I got bloodwork done and had awesomely high total T, but my total Estradiol on the ultra sensitive test was 105. Through the $%#$ing roof! I got on arimidex (a powerful AI) it’s only been a few days and things are starting to improve.

So. My guess is nettle RAISES E. Badly. To dick-crippling levels. I will never, ever, ever, ever, EVER touch the stuff again.