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Netflix Problems


anyone ever have streaming problems? seems to only happen on one TV show where the sound is out of sync. has happened maybe 3 times thus far


Yeah, I get some problems streaming a couple shows (Law and Order, Star Trek, Mission: Impossible [Barbara Bain, what a fox!] and The Trailer Park Boys) where the picture is choppy and out of sync with the sound for the first few minutes. Usually gets better after about 5 minutes so I just start the show, go take a shit or rub one out or get a snack and then come back and move the cursor back to the beginning and it's fine. Doesn't seem to matter if I let the whole thing stream out before starting it.


No but what really pisses me off is when I'm trying to watch of season of somethign and the episodes are mislabelled and out of order.

First I think I'm in the twilight zone, then I start thinking the producers are getting tricky and doing it in reverse, then near the last episode I finally conclude that Netflix fucked it up and ruined a whole season of quality programming.


That has happened to me before.


How fast is your broadband?