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Netflix is Great! Movie Suggestions?



So I have Netflix and was just wondering if anyone here has any ideas for movies for myself to rent. I have Vallhalla Rising from seeing it on one of the forums and am looking for more "cult favorite" type movies to see.

I rented Bronson the other night but unfortunately, I couldn't not watch it because it wasn't subtitled. Sucks being deaf sometimes. Anywhooo, if you guys have any suggestions please let me know and I'll rent it. Looking forward to seeing Valhalla Rising sometime this week. Thanks!


They Live


Just saw the write up for it. Looks interesting. Looks like a clone of Army of Darkness. Just put it on my list.


Blasphemy! They Live was made in the 80's!


shinobi no mono... black and white japanese ninja flick... filmed way back in the day... pretty good plot tho


Looks good. I love those ninja flicks.


Let the Right One In


Spartacus: Blood and Sand (1st 2 or 3 episodes are slow but it turns into the best series ever)
The man the woman and the wall (weird movie, hot soft core porn)
Ip Man: Cool Martial Arts
ong Bak: Cool martial arts, awesome fighting scenes
Top Gear: awesome British series if you like cars


There are already multiple movie threads, including movies that people watched over the weekend, I'd suggest looking up those with the search function.

My suggestion? Exit Through The Gift Shop


The Tony Jaa movies are insane. There were plenty of drunken nights in college where my friends and I would try and "Bak" each other which is basically doing the knee and elbow hit that he always does. Pretty entertaining. I looked through some of the movie threads and felt like some of the movies were repetitive and I just felt like something like this would be a little easier.

I basically got what I'm looking for and have my queue overflowing already haha. Guess, I'm gonna be putting season 3 of 24 on hold for a while. How do you guys find out about these movies?


I found a few on this site but most of them come from co-workers. They have netflix too and since the On Demand selection sucks so bad, we're always looking for something good to watch and sharing what we find.


Yeah, I don't exactly share the same interests as my co-workers haha. And I agree with the On Demand selection.


Don't do it Vallhalla Rising was terrible!!


You know a lot of the stuff like Spartacus blood and sand can be watched instantly right?


Yeah... Just about all of those movies listed can be watched instantly, but the instant streaming movies don't have subtitles. Being deaf, I need the subtitles. It sucks, but what are you gonna do. Netflix said they are trying to make the subtitles an option on instant streaming but so far, it's not happening.


I thought that's what we were talking about? I assumed you were asking for suggestions for your Instant queue since their selection was so bad. My misunderstanding.


But then I guess if I'm watching a foreign movie and the language is in something different, it will automatically be subtitled in English? I have not tried it with the foreign movies yet, just the english ones so I guess I can give it a shot when I get home.


Oh gotcha that's too bad since instant is an easy way to watch movies that your not sure about. It's saved me a bunch of crap rentals that's for sure.


Haha, no worries dude. I'll probably get to Spartacus eventually. I am a referee and in the middle of basketball season, so I don't really ahve time to watch 4 episodes of tv shows in one night so I'm trying to get some movies in there before reffing is done and I'm back to watching the tv shows I missed out on.


Haha yeah. My cousin is always watching his stuff on instant and I get pissed that I can't do that.