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Netflix in Canada


Any other kids from the great white north sign up for netflix? They're offering a month free trial, so I figured why not. For unlimited streaming at $8 a month it might be worth keeping.

Anyone know how often they add to the selection?


The selection for streaming movies is AWFUL.

It's all shitty cheesy horror movies from the seventies.


Netflix fucking rocks, I love it, I'm such a cheerleader I tell all my family and friends every time I get the chance to just get a netflix subscription. I don't know exactly how often they update, but it appears to be at least twice a week. I don't check the new arrivals that often, my queue will keep me busy until early next year.

Unlimited streaming is definitely one of the reasons I love netflix, it alone is worth the 8 bucks a month. The do update the instant section quite often, maybe several times a week, but they won't be new movies. They also have tons of TV shows you can watch streaming as well, all kind of Discovery channel, History channel, PBS, etc...

My suggestion is to just go with netflix anyway, for me it was a no-brainer: if you regularly rent one movie a week at a regular video store, you are already paying well over 8 bucks a month. It's more than cost effective with netflix. You can even put your account on hold if you are going to be on vacation or something so you don't waste money. Awesome.


Put this in your instant queue. The 2 Asian chicks are hot as hell and you see their tits and bush:



I've been checking it out, and it doesn't seem that bad. Doesn't have the newest titles, but I don't think they could have the price point they do if they put the new stuff. I have noticed that the pc selection seems to have a few more Genres and Titles then when streaming through the ps3.

We don't have that movie in the Canadian catalog sam.


Really, they give Canadians different movies? That's odd. The lead woman in that is fuckin smoking.

I love Netflix. Sure their movies selection isn't the greatest and newest but for $10 a month (in US) I won't complain. There's plenty of stuff for me to watch. I don't even have cable TV anymore. I use the PS3 and the video quality is great.


At least they have 'Killer Clowns from Outer Space'


The government will impose some lame Canadian content horseshit which in turn will make the selection awfull, I hope not though cause this could be pretty cool.


I'm debating this at the moment. If I do I will wait until winter kicks in.

Overall, the selection is a little meh, but the price is pretty nice, especially for a cheapo like me who won't shell out for cable. The 2 channel peasant vision gets a little tiring after a while.


They have 5 season of 'The Trailer Park Boys', so that should take care of this issue for a while.


I would suggest taking advantage of the free month. Not sure when that promotion ends. Just to check it out. I mean shit, it's been winter here since April anyway. Shitty "summer", but I digress. A month free is a good way to gauge whether or not to pay for it, I would say. Apparently you can cancel anytime, so it's not like you would be signing a contract.


I don't know how much content is on in the US but I will wait until I see something closer to my favourite rental store. If Netflix wants to be successful then go for broke and give us the same as the US.



^yes^... We need to "protect Canadian culture".... I remember in elementary school being totally brainwashed by teachers as to how U.S t.v and radio were "eroding Canadian culture".... I hate the CRTC.



If you are using netflix through an Xbox 360 and have a Live Gold membership do they still charge you the 7.99/month?



I would have to say yes. For the xbox membership you're paying for xbox related goodies. You still have to pay netflix for their service.


In order to have Netflix on Xbox you need an Xbox Live Gold membership which costs $60/year.

So if you're getting an Xbox Live Gold membership for xbox related goodies, why do you have to have an Xbox Gold membership to get Netflix?

It doesn't make sense, why would anyone use Netflix on their Xbox if they have to pay TWO fees, $7.99/month for Netflix AND $60/year for Xbox Live?

I would agree with what you're saying if it were possible to have netflix on your xbox without an Xbox Live Gold membership.


The Netflix streaming titles have steadily gotten better since I signed up last year.


Shoulda gotta PlayStation :PPP

The selections really are crappy. I'm going to cancel soon if they don't get some better titles. I got my free month and paid for another month but I think it's not worth staying on at this rate. Too bad because I love the convenience of it.


There are nowhere near as many titles in Canada as there are in USA :frowning: