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Netflix and Workouts


Anyone else Netflix while they lift? I’m running out of shows to watch. So far I’ve watched pumping iron a bunch, daredevil, flash, legends, clone wars, Spartacus…I think there’s more

Watched Spartacus last year, all the violence, sex and nudity took my lifts to another level.


Too busy trying not to puke with the giant sets. I only have an hour to setup lift and get back to life.

My father in law likes black sails.


Don’t watch during workouts but I watched Eddie-Strongman before my workout the other day. Thats gotta be my favorite on Netflix atm…


Instead of finding new shows to watch during lifting, ever consider finding new exercises to fill up/reduce rest time? Sounds like you have room for a ton of training density.


I train alone 6-7 days a week in a basement gym. Music became stale, couldn’t get into any podcasts or talk radio. Workouts are amazing, I just have this on for background noise. I’m not a fan of silence.

Wouldn’t be surprised if nobody else did this


Yeah, I am the same (garage these days, but did the basement thing for a while).

Big fan of giant sets and just bouncing from movement to movement. Gets a lot of work in in a short time, and since you train by yourself no one bitches you out for multiple stations occupied.

I leave music on, but honestly don’t even hear it these days. Hard to hear over my labored breathing, haha.


I typically use French contrasts or super sets for everything I do. Tried a CT 5 exercise set (star program or something) and it was awesome but it left me pretty beat up physically and nervously.


I can’t even comprehend this haha. Maybe netflix while you’re walking on the treadmill but while you lift? Damn. I’m usually busy…

reviewing footage of my worksets
recording my workout in my training log
doing other in between exercises
getting a drink
thinking of my cues/execution of the next set

thinking bout what to have for my next meal(I do this 90% of the time anyways)


Chrome cast in the basemebt and the Netflix app. Start it up before warming up.

The plot in a 40 to 50 min show would climax right at the work sets of the core lifts for me. 10-15 min to warm up and set up. Spartacus was insane because tons of girls in tops off or with slutty behavior and the underdog murdering people. I do all that documenting too, and I put on 4 lbs that month. So much over reaching.

Looks like I’m the outlier.


If it works for you, more power to you man. We ain’t telling you how to lift.


If you can watch Netflix while you’re on the treadmill you’re half-assing that, too.


White people just can’t call it watching TV, can they?


Don’t know bout that, I watching lifting videos when I get on the treadmill. Nothing too hard about walking on a high incline treadmill for 30mins.


If you increase the speed in addition to the incline, it gets harder. If you run rather than walk, harder yet.


Read that as “Anyone else Netflix while they lit?” for a second.


I watched every episode of Dexter on the elliptical. He was killing, I was dying… seemed to fit appropriately.