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Netanyahu Wishes the US a Happy 4th of July

“Ultimately the power of freedom is bound to prevail.”…

That’s the first video of Mr. Netanyahu that I’ve ever watched. He has a much warmer personality than I expected.

Why is it that foreigners seem to understand the core principles of the founding of our nation better than most Americans do? The concept of liberty seems to be lost on so many of our own people.

Of course, he’s good. He’s a nice Jewish boy who went to MIT.

If you ever want to watch body language of someone really pissed at Bibi, watch this.

Notes as I’m watching:

Obama looks pissed before Netanyahu even starts talking.

Obama is not accustomed to basing anything on reality or unshakeable facts. (1:25)

What the hell was that “oh shit” look at 2:57? Hamas is the president’s, uh… what?
Apparently he was talking about Abbas.

That was definitely not an amicable handshake. And no Q+A, as has become a habit as of late.