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Net Carbs? Dextrose?

I have a couple of beginner questions about net carbs and dextrose.

First, should I or shouldn’t I include fiber in my carb requirements for the day. I don’t think I should, but I didn’t monitor fiber on my previous attempt at dieting. I lost a little weight, stop weighing my food, and now I am starting to get super strict again starting tomorrow morning. I’m shooting for 30 g of fiber a day, which should amount to 120 calories, which isn’t a big deal, but I’d like to be completely thorough this time through.

Second, I picked up some dextrose this afternoon for my PWO shakes. How much should I use per shake, which is usually two scoops of whey. I was using powerade power with my shakes before, whose main ingredient is dextrose. Its got 18g of sugar per serving and I was using 2 serving. The dextrose has 4g of carbs/sugar per 1.25 TBSP.

I’m sure this question is answered somewhere, and I am going to search for it, but I figured it would be good to have here in case somebody with the same question happened to look at this post. Also, would there be any nutritional advantage to staying with the powerade due to the B6, B12, Niacin and whatever else it has in it.

Do not include the fiber in your carb totals.

Fiber is a carbohydrate, very similar to starch which is just rats nest of glucose. The difference between fiber and starch is that starch possesses alpha bonds while fiber had beta. Our bodies have enzymes that can break alpha bonds but not beta. We derive NO every from fiber, it does not count for calories. While we derive 4 calories from starches. Fiber is free!

The research has shown that you want a 2:1 ratio between high glycemic load/index carbs an a fast digesting and absorbing protein. Also, through in 15g of BCAA and you pretty much have Surge for post workout.

Don’t worry about B6 and B12, only has an effect if you are deficient which you probably aren’t.

Perfect… Thanks Zagman. I got some BCAAs for now, but I think I’ll just pony up and get some Surge when I get around to it.

If anybody else is interested, in the Solving the PWO Puzzle articles by Berardi he recommends .8g carbs/kg bw and .4g protein/kg pw. For me, that comes to 18.4 1.25 TBSP scoops of dextrose, which seems like a lot of dextrose. But, I’ll give it a go tomorrow and hopefully remember to get Surge instead of taking 18 scoops of dextrose every time I workout.