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Net Books vs Laptops


I was wondering if any your you have experience with netbooks, and are they worth buying? All I need a computer for is I-Tunes/internet, so I was thinking of getying a netbook and trashing the laptop...what you think?


I got the Asus Eee PC about 4 months ago and after adding a 2 gig ram chip to it, its perfect... its light enough to take every where, the 160 gig drives is great, with the exception of gaming, the netbooks can do anything a laptop can...

if you have any specific questions pm me and I'll answer if i can..

On a whole I would go for it...



The only thing you have to consider with netbooks (if you are SURE you are only doing net-based stuff with them) is that as you descend further down the sizes the keyboard becomes smaller. Not a huge deal, but if you are used to a nice full size keyboard, you will be in for a surprise at the smaller size net books.


Netbooks are for idiots who try and plug random cables into random holes, trying to get lucky. If you see your neighbors dogs growling and it has it's tail between it's legs, chances are your neighbor just got a netbook.


copy, thanks! Yeah I'm still not sure, I do like the bigger keyboard of a laptop, and if I'm not really taking it places...


The asus Eee pc has a 90% keyboard so really, you dont notice it, the keys just have a little less space between... it doesnt really affect my typing what so ever, the only part I dont like about the keyboard is they arrow keys for moving through text to fix spelling / grammer errors is annoying at times, but I have a mouse so that doesnt really matter...plus, at 2.2 pounds with a 5 hours battery life its great...

Also, net books (once you put in a 2 gig chip for 30 bucks from newegg) can do anything that your average person would / does do on a laptop... the intel atom processor is insane, it runs xp just fine (im not a fan of vista for anything other then high end pcs with crap loads of ram), and a SATA hard drive so you can put in as big a one as you need... Unless you want a bigger screen or plan on gaming I really dont see a reason to get a bigger laptop....

Also, as an aside, I run solid modeling software and solidification software on my netbook and it actually runs faster then my 2.5 year old dell XPS that cost me 2.3k back then... so, for 320 bucks for the netbook, case, and a jump drive I personally think its well worth it...


netbooks are the new ultraportables. If you're not going to be on the move with it very often, don't bother.


-this post post makes no sense

plus: ultra portability
minus: some have small keyboard, small screen, less power than most laptops

your not going to do major gaming or graphics design on a netbook, but they certainly can be extremely useful and nice replacement for a laptop. They can do just about everything a laptop can do but on a smaller scale. Most will have an external vga port and multiple usb ports so you can connect an external full size monitor,keyboard, mouse and use it at times as a desktop.

check out these links:


The key would be to test the ergonomics of anything you are thinking about to see if you like the feel of the keyboard, display, movement of the screen etc.But they are great devices and can be very usefull.

(IT manager/engineer, have been in the field for 20 years)



my 13" HP is awesome. Small, light and high performance, along wtih all the hookups I need.

USB, card reader, PC wireless, HDMI, VGA


I'm thinking about going in the opposite direction. I always have a need for more screen real estate, in office or on the road. My Blackberry takes care of any incidental web connectivity and communications I would need:


why not just get a smallish laptop, and use an LCD TV as a monitor?


It's hard to take that setup 'on the road'. I do a lot of work from client sites and hotel rooms.


You know, I never understood some of the crap people give these netbooks. I have an Eee PC 900A that I got from Best Buy for $196 -- that is less than I paid for my MP3 player.

I wiped that toy OS off and installed Crunchbang, and it runs awesome with it's original specs - 1GB RAM and 1.6GHz Atom. Sure, it isn't even fast, but I needed a little laptop that I could take to conventions to shunt off my pics from the digital camera and that I could type up my articles on. This thing weighs almost nothing and is perfect.

Not only that, but it can actually run games. I play Urban Terror on it quite often when I'm out, as well as emulators and the occasional Counter Strike.

When I'm at home, I hook it up to my TV, plug in my HDD, start up XBMC and use it as my media computer.

Really, for $196, who the heck can complain?

Hang on, gonna record a game playing.


I have an asus 1000he eeepc.
I like it a lot, it does what I want it to do.

If you want a computer that is portable yet has good gaming capabilities, get a laptop, many models to pick from.

If you want something portable to take to class or w/e to browse the web get a netbook.

Only problem is it dosnt have a cd drive.


Well I've been thinking about getting one of these for a while and this has pretty much set me on doing it. Right now im using a year old HP laptop 17", upgraded to 4gigs of ram and the battery life is roughly 46 minutes, and all of an hour and a half in power saver.

Anyone have one with the larger battery cell? How long does that one last?


I'm waiting for this game changer from Apple:



I have a 901 with the 6 cell. It lasts about 4 hours under normal usage with default Windows power management, about 6 hours with the Asus tool on auto or set to power save.

Fantastic travel machine if you're comfortable customizing your installation, such as with nLite or grabbing eeeBuntu.


Any reason you felt it neccessary to qualify yourself to me with your "in the field for 20 years" comment?

Nice e-peen brah.


Probably to show that he actually knows what he's talking about instead of running into a thread saying how people who buy netbooks "plug random cables into random holes" shrug


Internets is srs business.