Net and email protocols

I guess this is in alot of ways off topic but we’re on the net so chime in if you have a view on rules, customs and manners. Flaming, trolling, cyber biffo? is the net NHB? is this forum? or should we live and let live??? Re emails - what about ccing and bccing??? What about SMS or phone messages - any response times or customs? Does anyone else care? I do at the moment cause of something my girlfriend of 4 days just did (yes, Dre is settling down and setting a long relationship PB - no flames please ;)). She sent me an email along with 10 other people which feels about as personal as a photocopied letter. Modern life, its a bit different but all good I guess.

If I leave a message on a phone and don’t get a response that day I get annoyed and think less of the person, copies to 10 people depends on what it is. People who have obsolete voice mail messages (“I’m away till the 10th…” and today is the 13th) also look bad for the person = lazy. Dre 4 days!! way to go.Which of the vixens did you choose?

Dre…I am assuming it was an email from her trip…and she copied you and all her friends…which is a little unpersonal. My opinion is…if this is the ONLY communication she sent you…then I would have an issue…as her significant other…you do deserve some exclusive communication. However, if you are getting exclusive communication, and this email was just an update for everybody…then I wouldnt lose sleep…in fact be happy she isn’t just sending it her friends and leaving you out. Just my opinion. As far as phone messages, I tend to categorize people in my life as immediate call backs…sometime in the next few days, or…wait until they call me back again. It may be cold…but that is just how I am about things, I keep a very small circle of close friends…and the rest…well as I have always said, friends are just another “F” word.

Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it. One’s growth comes from listening to other’s opinions and accepting it or maintaining or even refining their own. There is nothing wrong with anyone’s opinion, even if it’s biased against race or gender, the person thinks that anyway…all they are doing is communicating that thought. No one is forced to believe in another’s opinion merely by hearing it. To only accept your opinion and not listen to other’s is just closed mindedness, whether you agree or not. So here is my opinion, whether you care or not. Email and the net have it’s good & bad points with respect to voice or in person communication…that’s all it is …communication. Some people are good communicators some are not… and even the method of communication can affect the level.
ccing is fine for info that more than one person needs. Everyone knows who else is in the loop. bccing has it’s place, but it has potential for abuse… if you haven’t done anything wrong it’s harder for it to affect you.We have all heard the stories of employees getting termination notices by email… that kind of thing is pretty spineless. There are no hard and fast rules… it is just another way of communication and up to the individual how, when and by what means they will use to express what information. Personally I hate getting those cute little web pages and things that are sent to everyone in the senders address book, I don’t have the time for that, but then again… it’s kind of cool that someone thought to pass something along… I’d rather be left off the list. but that’s just me… some people like to share and that’s kinda nice too. In the end it’s just a communication tool and it’s still evolving.