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Nervous System Concerns

Hello all,

 I was discussing nervous system overload in another thread, but thought this question might deserve a topic all on its own. 

 I have just learned how nervous system overload is a point of concern when lifting weights. This is a point of concern for me because when I was 18... all fouteen years ago.... I had a spinal virus called Gillium-Barre. Basically, your the milan covering on your nerves in your spinal cord breaks down and your nervous system slowly begins to shut down.... scary stuff.

Anyway, I pretty much fully recovered. My concern is basically whether I should worry about this at all. Or is lifting even something which will benefit me, as it trains my nervous system....

Just looking for some insight,


Jamey Russell

Talk to your Doctor preferably whoever treated you for the condition.

was your condition brought on by training?

[quote]jakewnet44 wrote:
was your condition brought on by training?[/quote]


The condition is acutally thought to be an autoimmmune disorder that they are not really sure how it starts. Anyway, the body prety much attacks itself and all you can do is sit and wait for it to figure that out and begin to reverse the process. That’s why I am wondering if training will acutally HELP, since it encourages nervous system/muscle connections.