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I've been reading around a few weeks this place, and it seems like a good place full of knowledgeble members. Well, I was hoping to get a bit of help here. I was a bit weary about posting pics as I've seen you guys refer to '150 skinny guys'. I think I'm between 155 - 160, and wouldn't class myself as big either. But I figured I have nothing really to lose and so much to gain!

Routine here with pics to follow:


Press-ups (going to be buying a bench soon though - I really need to add bench-pressing to my routine as I think my pectorals are under developed) - pyramid to 8 then pyramid down on an incline.
Chins ups (lats) - 5 x 3
Bent over rows - 8 x 2
Deadlift - 8 x 3
Shrugs - 8 x 3
Hanging leg raises - 5 x 3

Squats - 8 x 3
Stiff-leg deadlifts - 8 x 3
Calve raises (barbell) - 8 x 3
Side-bends - 5 x 4 (2 each side)
Hanging Leg Raises - 5 x 3

Dips - 8 x 3
Pulls Ups - 8 x 3
Military Press - 5 x 2

I go football (soccer to you Americans) twice a week which is good cardio - approx 2 - 2 1/2 hours, and I skip on my lifting days.

Diet - pretty good. 2 protein shakes a day (morning and after workout) and eat a few small meals a day. I'm pretty good with my protein and eat well. I take a centrum mulit-vitamin everyday as well.

Height - 5'9
Weight - 155-160
Waist - 30

Other measurements I'm not sure of.

So guys, if there's any advice you can offer me please feel free to post it - that's why I'm posting it! Please don't post tell me to eat more as I'm aware of that and I'm trying to increase my intake.

Thanks in advance





Back shot #1


Back shot #2


And you gotta have the wheels in there!


I'm 17.


that's a pretty intense schedule, you might be looking at over-training. Check out the Massive eating and Massive Eating articles by Berardi, and actually go through and count up your calories for a normal day, most people are REALLY surprised at how little they're actually eating. Diet is the thing that holds most folks back.
push hard.


The training looks fine. If you think that will induce over-training I would doubt you're improving much yourself.


What do mean "You Americans" kind of like "You People"!


I think you're a bit sensitive...

He's clearly just making a cultural distinction on sport terminology.



Yeah, on second look, Knuckles is right, I doubt that there's danger of overtraining, it was the five hours of soccer, and his diet description that pushed me in that direction.
As far as me, I tend to grow on just about anything that I do. Just have to stuff my face constantly. :slightly_smiling:


Dude.... I'm having fun with the guy!


Somehow this got mixed up and out of place should read..

What do mean "You Americans" kind of like "You People"!

but eat more for sure. HAHA

Additionally, good work for your age. It was hard for me to pack on mass because I never ate properly at 17. Keep going.


I'm not too fond of your training program. Although you're using some good compound exercises, it just seems like an illogical set up as far as sets/reps and the fact that you have some imbalances in the upper body and only one leg day.

Overall, you have good development for your size. If you switch up your training and continue to eat properly, you will make further gains.


There was no offence meant in my America comment - just making sure you know I play soccer and not American football!

And Nate Dogg - what do you suggest? I'm all ears.