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Nervous Going Into PCT. Tips?


Heya guys! I'm new around here, though I have been on another board for a while, it's just that I have been really finding some super great info and people over here more recently, so here I am! :slightly_smiling:

This is my first cycle and I have been running test cyp at 600mg/week for 14 weeks and var 80mg/day for what will be 8 weeks at the end of my cycle. With that I have been running liquidex ED at .5ml. This cycle will end in 2 weeks (Dec 9). I will hold off 18 days after my last injection to start my PCT (Dec 27).

My PCT being as follows:

  • Clomid 100 for three days then finish off 50-50-50-25 (From Dec 27 - 18 days after last injection)
  • HCGenerate (started Dec 21, this week and will run until end of PCT))
  • DAA (from day after last injection until end of PCT)
  • Unleashed/Post Cycle (From post cycle week 3, Jan 17)
  • Bridge (starting after PCT)
  • Increasing calories by about 300-600

Maybe items are:

Reduce XT for cortisol control (from PCT day 1, Dec 27)
Continuing Liquidex until end of PCT

Obviously my goal is to hold on to as much as possible. I have had a great run and gained 24lbs thus far and I still have a good 4 weeks of the effect from the test in my system. My fear is that around Dec 18 I am going to deflate.

Does this look like a good PCT to roll with? Anything you would add or change?

Any feedback at all is much appreciated!



You'll want to start sooner than 18 days, 2 weeks is standard for cyp/enth. You'll also want to taper off the Liquidex leading up to PCT and stop taking it altogether during PCT. You can take all that OTC bullshit if you want, but Clomid/Nolva is really all you need.


How you adjust your traning and diet are just as, if not, more important than what supplements you take when it comes to retaining gains.

Run a search


Thanks for the reply OS... I hear ya on the start date (2 weeks vs 18 days).

For my AI, would it be good to taper the dose to avoid estro rebounding? So week one and two of pct continue with with on cycle dose of .5 EOD then the last two weeks cut that down to .25mg EOD?

As for the over the counter stuff... thats just me being paranoid I guess, being my first cycle and all haha. My "strategy" there was to take what ever i could find easily to get my natural test up asap.

Thanks again!


Couldn't agree more!

I plan on keeping calories high as I now require much more than I did at the start of the cycle because I weigh more and have more muscle mass. I plan on adding these calories from protein (for the most part)

Going to train heavy, low volume, but not as many sets. Won't be in the gym more that 45 minutes. Hit it hard but get in and out. From what I have read pro longed heavy training in pct will lower test levels and I am fighting to bring them back up at that time. Still going to train heavy just don't spend to much time there.


Arimidex is known to interfere with SERM's. I can't remember the details, but they do more than just "cancel each other out" and it actually diminishes the effects of both.

Some people maintain that adex during PCT still keeps them from having estrogen rebound, and like to run it like that, but the studies indicate this isn't a good practice.

Make your own decision, but be aware of both sides.


Good thread, I'm looking for information on this topic too.
I intend to work out each muscle group TWICE a week over 6 days on cycle.
But during PCT, from what you've read, do you think I should then go down to working out each muscle ONCE a week, over 5 days?


Not necessrily. Depends how much volume you do.

Volume should drop in pct but not by too much.

Defnitely avoid training to failure and doing things like forced reps.

Work back into that stuff and increase the volume over time.


im at beginning of week 3 of PCT... so far i've dropped about 10lbs most of which looked to be water. my strength has stayed the same but on my accessory lifts i have noticed tend i run out of gas sooner.
i have constantly been bumping my calories back up to make sure i dont lose any more.

i look more lean now than i ever have at this weight but my muscles dont look as full as when i was ON... other than that pretty happy with keeping the strength gains.