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Nervous about Supplements

Greetings. Im 16 years old, have been training for about 3 years now, and have always been rather cautious about taking supplements. My fear is not that they will prove ineffective, but that there may be some long term reprocussions on my body, as it is clearly still developing. If anyone could shed some light on the subject or perhaps even offer some alternatives, it would be greatly appreciated.

This is officially most intelligent post by a 16 year old, EVER. You win. Wow.

As far as your question, you're right; your body is still developing. The only supplment you really "need" right now would be food, and lots of it. In addition, the only things that you should even consider are a good protein powder, and creatine.

It honestly is nice to see a 16 year old with some sense. Good job, brother. You are a T-man, without question.

I second everything John said 100%. All you should being doing right now is EATING!

And he spells correctly!!! Woo hoo!

I second the advice above. Also, if you’re not experiencing the gains that you think you should (and bear in mind that progress never happens as fast as anyone would like), then give us some more detailed information and we’ll be glad to help. With an attitude like yours, rest assured that you’re among friends here. Welcome aboard!

All you need is a nutritionally sound, big diet my friend.

what the other people said is right. The only supplements that i think that might help you are creatine, protein powders: Grow, Surge. Other then that you can hold off on some of the other stuff until you hit 18, and then when you hit 21. laters pk

What about ZMA, guys? I’d probably put ZMA above creatine for a teenager. It would assist in recovery (which is too vital), and (if the product performs as advertised) could boost T levels naturally.

One thing I’d like to add, you obviously have a head on your shoulders if you’re thinking about long term reprocussions. In the same way, think long term about your lifting as well. Don’t think of lifting as a race to see who can get the biggest the fastest (thus the tendency for young people to want to use suppliments so early), instead, think of your training as a life long commitment and set goals to push your self along the way. Remember, most people are in shape when they are 16, but you want to be training when you are 21, 25, 35 etc. Develop good eating and lifting habbits now, and you will do more for yourself in 10 years than any suppliment will do for you.

The only thing that comes to mind that you shouldn’t be messing with are prohormone products. Mostly everything else is fine (ie MRP/Protein powder, recovery drink [SURGE], creatine, BCAAs, ALA, fish oil, flax oil, ZMA).

I echo JR as well as everyone else. Intelligent, concise, moron-free. You are a welcome addition, Jake. Welcome indeed. Now who wants Synthol and Nubain!!! Kidding, kidding. Geez…

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I agree with John. This is one savvy 16 yr old. Since your body is primed for growth right now, I would stick to eating a healthy nutrition program. Avoid the drive thru and you most likely grow like a weed. I was like you at your age, but from the ages of 16-19, I grew 9 inches in height and gained about 60 lbs.

Consider supplementing with the following:

1. Steak.

2. Steak.

3. Steak.

4. When you get tired of eating steak, go eat a pound of raw broccoli.

5. … then go eat some steak.

Wow, a smart 16-year old lifter! I’m going to take the time to thank you for not being a complete dumbass. Everyone’s right so far. Avoid anything except food–protein and weight gainers are food–and vitamins. If I was you i’d stay away from creatine. Your kidneys are still growing and you don’t want to start tooling with their function before they’re set in place. Likewise, you don’t want to downregulate anything (i.e., creatine production, thyroid) before it’s finished growing. And drink get your calcium.

Greatest. Response. Ever.

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Why thank you, kind sir. Complements like that warm the soul! (Much like a hearty bowl of oatmeal, or a T-Vixen performing slow-tempo Good Mornings in the platform infront of you…) :wink:

'Kay, Jake. You’ve gotten some answers. You’ll notice that 99% of people said that you’d be better off spending your money on food. The other people pointed out what they thought would be useful. IF you pay for your athlete lifestyle out of your own pockets, you are MUCH better off buying food (remember, Salmon Oil is FOOD! - get some). However, a couple months ago, there was a kid prodigy who was given all kinds of funds so that he COULD buy supplements. In his case, I recommended ZMA. Others liked creatine (I sure don’t). Others would also recommend Surge (which is technically a food, but it’s awfully expensive). Others would recommend protein powder (which again, is food, but makes some meals easier).

I don’t care what others think though (meaning your friends). Drastically increase your vegetable consumption (I’m sure your parents won’t mind footing that bill! - “Mom, I want to be an athlete, could you buy more brocolli?”). And eats gads of animals.