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Nervous about Hair Loss with Dbol

I want to get in shape to help with my confidence and general well being. Working out is something I enjoy doing but I want to see more progress, I bought some D Bol trying to decide whether or not to use it, I got 100 10mg pills, I only really want to do one cycle, I was just gonna do 4 weeks of 3 a day, I only want to do one cycle as I’m afraid of the side effects, I don’t want to lose my hair and I’m nervous about the effects on my body once I have stopped. I know it’s meant to be really psychologically addictive but I will try my absolute to stop after one cycle or finish the 16 I’d have left over then call it.

Once at that point I plan to maintain with regular gym diet and protein. Will the one cycle cause much hair loss, and how long would it take my natural testosterone to get back to base line?

If you bought D-Bol in pill form then you honestly wasted your money. Expect no to low results and tons of side effects if it actually does anything at all. Did you get these from the advertisements at the back of bodybuilding magazines by chance? If so then you got scammed. D-Bol is meant to be injected and honestly it sounds like a bulking diet and hard work in the gym is really what would be needed instead

What are you talking about? Most people take dbol in pill form.

Anyways to the OP plz don’t run a oral Only cycle there is numerous reasons as to why this is not a good idea. and in general do some more research about AAS. Almost all aas will result in hair loss if your prone to male pattern baldness. I think your main focus should be on diet, training and research.

What would you say I get with it if I was to do the cycle? Also I ended up going on crazybulk today bought d bal testomax and aderenol do u think I’ll fair better with these and just forget the d Bol pills?

I bought it from my local bodybuilding shop they’re pretty dodgy sell injections pills and imported cigs, I asked for the pills specifically Cos don’t want to inject as I’m a whimp. Should I just return it?

Ok the dbal pills and shit from crazy bulk are a complete scam. That’s what the person above me was referring to. I hope either that or he has no idea what he’s talking about

Dbol the aas is usually consumed in pill for altho there is injectable dbol on the market.

As far as running crazybulk pills your wasting your money you will get nothing that you couldn’t get without them with a proper diet and training.

If the dbol you got from your local shop is real aas dbol then you will get some water retention most likely. Possibly a limp dick and maybe some slight size and strengrh gains that will probably fall off when you stop the cycle.

You need to forget about all these supplements. The only thing you need is protein powder, creatine and a multi vitamin with a lot of clean food and hard work. Until you are able to gain with just that there is no magic supplement that is going to change anything.

@zeek1414 yes, that place and the legalsteroids.com place (if that’s even still around) was the type of pills that it sounded like he had purchased

OP, if you are over 25 the safest thing you could be doing along these lines, assuming your programming and diet are already on point is checking your T levels and if you are low getting testosterone replacement therapy

The biggest problem with all aas is they shut your natural T production down. This is why you never take them without supplying an injectable T. AAS are used during a T cycle an never solo.