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Nerves in my Shoulder Causing Pain

So about 2 years ago me and some of the guys in my unit were moving offices around for the officers. My brother and me were moving a desk from one office to the other, it didn’t weigh more that 15 pounds. When I picked up the desk, something felt like it slid up in my left shoulder, it feel like an adjustable light switch sliding up my left shoulder.

I didn’t have pain then. About 4 hours later me and my brother were driving home to see our family 3.5 hours away and the pain just hit me. It felt like some one was stabbing me with a knife in the joint of my shoulder for the entire drive, it felt dislocated but I know it wasn’t. Once we got there the pain stopped. After the next couple of weeks the muscle seemed to just vanish from my left bicep.

My arms were pretty even in strength before that. Now I can curl 45ibs with my right arm, and only 10-15ibs with my left. Ive been working on it for six months and Ive made no gains what so ever. Ive Seen the Physical Therapist, Ive had an X-ray, I’ve had a Dye MRI, cortisone shot, and everything showed up normal.

There isnt any specific exercises that irritate it more than others, it usually hurts after a workout no matter what, usually dull pain. Most of the time it feels like it needs to be stretched and or popped but nothing i do makes it feel better. My next test is going to be the nerves.

Does have the same injury, and/or advice? And what my next plan of action should be?



It’s your left hip, there is nothing wrong with your shoulder.

Your left IT BAnd is on fire and you dont even know it. You also have very weak glutes.