Nerve Twitching and Muscle Strains

I’ve been having a series of injuries for about 18 months, strain and pulls mostly. And usually not doing anything difficult, I injured my lateral head of my quad going down the stairs on Friday.

I haven’t worked out since January because of all the injuries.

My nerves are twitching in different spots throughout my body recently.

Anyone have any ideas what could be causing these problems?

This sounds exactly like what I’m going through. Curious if you’ve had any improvement.

I think my strains might be due to a sedentary lifestyle for a few months as well as poor diet.

No improvement, considering PRP.

How long have you had the muscle twitches/fasciculations? Are they body wide?

Any other info provided would be helpful

A few months at least, it is especially common in places that have been recently injured. For example, that quad injury will twitch if I have been sitting for a while, it does a big twitch if I without thought pick up that leg and plant it back on the ground, the twitch appears there just below the knee.

What is your age? Benign fasciculations are possible.

Right now I am experimenting with stopping using melatonin before bed to see if its anti-inflammatory effects are causing a problem.