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Nerve Twitch w/Clean Grip on Front Squats

Nearly all of my training with front squats was performed with a arm-over-arm technique, but due to the incapacity to acquire the most potential functional strength from that style of front squatting, I switched over to clean grip for the obvious reasons!

Now for the problem! I get a weird nerve twitchy/burning sensation in my LEFT and left hand only, starting from the very end of my radius bone where it meets the thumb and it stays in that region covering only about a half inch of area. It’s really not a big deal when I front squat (it actually is, I just suck it up).

I guess something to include is that I’m very inflexible in my wrists, so it’s a prerequisite to stretch my wrists and pec minor before all of my front squat workouts.

Any food for thought is appreciated!