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Nerve Shifting Over Bone?


Hey guys. I've asked this question before and got a few good responses , but maybe I can get more and perhaps someone with the same problem can chime in.

Every time I do an elbow extension type movement (or compound pressing movements) I get this weird and slightly painful feeling in my left elbow which kkinda resembles hitting your funny bone, but to a much lesser degree. It feels like my ulnar nerve is shifting over my bone. I've tried stretching my triceps, doing endless warmups and various mobility drills and still it bothers me. Its most prominent in triceps exercises and overhead lifting exercises.

Any help/feedback would be much appreciated.


I would focus on soft tissue work and stretching your forearm musculature, especially the medial pronator/flexor mass. If you have a true subluxing ulnar nerve, you may require surgery in order to relocate the nerve to stop the rubbing/shifting.

How long has this been going on? Any imaging exams (xray, mri)? Do you participate in any sports or just lift for aesthetics?


Thanks for your input.

This has been going on since I was a kid, even before I started weightlifting. I started noticing it in about grade 8, so I’m guessing about age 13 or 14. I even remember in grade 9 gym class when we had to do a max 1RM bench press and I felt it shifting over a bone when I did it which made my bench much lower than what it should have been.

I have had no imaging but I plan on making an appointment soon as it would help to get to the bottom of things. And I workout recreationally as a powerlifter (5/3/1).


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