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Nerve Pain


Hi guys just wanted your opinion on a nerve pain I get when I increase the amount of volume I do with my lower body exercises such as Squats/Deadlifts/Leg press.

It shoots from high up in my right quad area right down to my shin and feels like intense stabbing pain.

This is always the days after the gym in the recovery process never during exercise. I've had it over a year now I noticed if I lower the volume the frequency of it happening generally decreases.

It would be good if anyone has shared this kind of problem, as most doctors i've seen seem to be clueless?


Most likely either postural or technique related. Re-evaluate your posture and form on these exercises. Think about splitting your Lowerbody into two session per week with half volume in each session. Strengthen your core musculature and learn to maintain a neutral pelvis throughout these exercises. Hitting up a foam roller post-exercise for some soft-tissue work and devoting some time for stretching postworkout may also help. Seems like the compression of either the fibular portion of the sciatic n or femoral nerve. Also if your gym has a pool float in the deep end postexercise to de-weight your spine might help.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah im pretty sure its a compression of the femoral nerve i can even trigger it by massaging the area of the upper thigh.

Ive been foam rollering and i've found Myofascial release massages really help but there not cheap!