Nerve Pain

Hi tnation, i have been having nerve pain from the right butt cheek down to my feet. It started a fews weeks ago after i fixed my si joint problem with my chiropractor. However, i have not been able to go back to my chiropractor since i am in a new city now for university.

It hurts everyday and i have been trying endlessly with stretching and foam rolling and tennis ball work to alleviate the pain. The pain is the worst in the morning when i wake up and i am not sure why.

Any tips or guidance will be very helpful.

sounds like sciatica… you need a massage therapist who knows their trigger points.

is it the same side you sit your wallet on?

I think this is what im experiening as well. I get random pain in my left leg. I used to have back problems but i fixed those and im olympic squatting now

yea its the same side i sit my wallet on, it hurts in the morning the most for about 1-4 hours, then itll just be in the back of my mind, but its going on for too long now and i can’t even tie my shoe laces properly without it hurting.