Nerve Injury and Rehab

(Posted this in Cresseys thread, but since he is a rather busy bee i´m also posting here.)

9 months ago i suffered a peripheral nerve injury. My classmate managed to somehow irritate my right plexus brachialis when we were practicing soft-tissue techniques on each other.
The nerve that first showed symptoms was N. Ulnaris but after a few days i had all classic symptoms. Spent a couple of weeks on morphine. I�´ve had EMG and EENEG made during the summer that was ok, so no nerve had fortunately been damaged completely. Also had a MR a couple of weeks ago and it was also fine.

I will start manual treatment soon, probably nerve mobilization and getting rid of all the Trigger Points that have accumulated during this period.

I was wondering if you ever had a client with similar injury and could share some info on what you did for rehab?
I�´m thinking a lot of isometric exercises for the right arm, trying to find positions that are painless and stimulating the muscles with high frequency.

I still get the most pain and is weak as hell when contracting my hand (wich i guess goes in line with N. Ulnaris being most affected), so im working around that by using wrist-straps. I�´m currently trying to stimulate everything below the wrist with very light weights and not to the point of pain.
The rest of my body will get treatment as usual, lifting heavy and enjoying it.

Am i on the right track?

Thanks in advance from Sweden.