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Nerve Impingement Injury

Greetings. I am coming off two back injuries (3â?? annular tear lower back, and the nerve impingement in my neck) which put me down almost 19 months. I was able to train with what capacity I had, but was no where near my best. The N.I. brought complete atrophy to my upper left chest (looks like someone scooped the muscle out and left a diver) and the left tricep also is now gone. Doc said the muscle never received signal from the injury and resulted in complete atrophy.

What would you guys consider doing to bringing back up to speed with my right side which is considerably stronger. I am messing around with rep counts and using resistance bands on bench and other strength exercises used in some of Christians videos. Thanks for any and all input.

Have you checked your hormone status?

Electrical muscle stimulation might be useful, but that still leaves the affected muscles unusable.