Nerve Damage?

While doing posture checks and core strength evaluations I noticed that my right side of my body is somewhat smaller than my left side.

I mean there’s a difference in trap, deltoid, both biceps and triceps, and somewhat of a difference in lat size. There’s also a significant difference in strength that I’m realizing right now because I started throwing single armed dumbbell rows back into my workout regime due to the tip of the day a few weeks ago.

I remember reading some article on here about Ronnie Coleman and how he had nerve damage and the difference in size on his back was noticeable. I am in no way comparing myself to Ronnie Coleman but could nerve damage be the problem in my case?

I often get stingers when tackling people during rugby and one of the reasons why I had stopped doing single armed dumbbell rows a year ago was because they also caused stingers which shot down the right side of my neck and all the way down my back and arm. Although the rows don’t hurt right now I am not using the weight I was using back then because I cannot keep good form when doing them with my right hand.

Is there any way to repair this damage? Or at least lessen the imbalance between my two halves? Any help would be appreciated.

I’d first check to make sure if the problem is nerve damage by seeing a neurologist and getting an EMG. They’re not perfect and may give a false negative but it’s a start. I’d also look into seeing a good PT/ART practioner as it may be the case that your nerves are impinged but not necessarily damaged.

Good luck.

Thanks alot Sergius. I’ll look into getting an EMG and possibly some ART later on.

i wouldn’t expect “nerve damage” persay, at least not a neuropathy, neuropraxia, axontemesis. the symptoms you are describing are more congruent with nerve entrapment which is fairly common at several sites throughout the body and usually treatable with conservative measures. we think these occur as a result of cummulative trauma, myofascial adhesions, chronic inflammation, etc. always be aware that there could be more going on, but the needle EMG is not used as a screening test. i would see a reputable chiropractor or PT or even that uses ART or Graston Technique (even if they can’t help you they’ll refer you appropriately. if you would like, email me off list and i will be glad to try to find a good one in your area.