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Nerve Damage

Does anyone know of any gear that can help with nerve damage? I was in a traumatic car accident in April were I fractured and herniated the c6 and c7 vertibrates. A portion of my right hip was removed and used as a replcement hinge for c6 and c7. I am doing well, have put 15 lbs back on, but my right side is severely lacking. A major nerve beneath c7 was damaged during the accident and the major muscles on the my right side of my body (upper) have been effected. My right arm, pec and lat have atrophied significantly. This is noticeable even with clothing on. I have been training for the past 6 weeks and my neck is fully recovered and I am gaining weight/ strength and size. It only appears to be on my left side though. My may bench is about 135lbs max (with a body weight of 205lbs.) Prior to my accident I weighed 232 and benched over 300lbs. I’m concerned because even though I am working out and on gear (test and dbol), because my right side continues to atrophy. The doctor’s, even specialist says that there is nothing that can be done, but that working out will only help the condition. After a pathetic chest workout yesterday, (even though my right bicep and lat are noticeably smaller my strangth in pulling exerciseing is barely effected. Pushing exercises is a HUGE difference. Dumbell chest press for example. I could do an 85lbs dumbell with my left hand, but I could not do a 30lb in my right.) I am becoming very discouraged and depressed. Eventhough I’ve been through alot and came a long way through many obstacles, I am beginning to lose hope. Anybody have any recomendations.

Find yourself a good NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner. No joke. Although neuro-plasticity decreases with age, hypnosis has been shown in some cases to halt and reverse traumatic damage to nerves and the brain itself. Most of the people that have benefitted from this have had a few years of recovery time, but you can probably ease your recovery from the outset. Good luck

This is something to check with your doc about, since I have no idea if it’s even relevant. I have two friends that have had C5 disability (wheelchairbound, biceps woprk but tri’s don’t, no hand closing, only upper chest and back). Last week I met another guy who had the same thing 5 years ago. He’s been taking Prokarin (a drug mainly used for Multiple Schlerosis), and has been getting some mobility back in his triceps. Don’t know what the mechanism is, or if it has any rel;evance in your case, but might be worth asking your doc about it.

Hey Bud,

I feel your pain. I have had some nerve problems from spinal damage. First thing I can tell you is that it takes F*&*ing forever. Think years. I have had a few docs tell me that nerve damage doesn’t repair. Certainly, there is a lot of damage that won’t repair, but I have noticed that over the years things do seem to improve. I also have learned that you need to talk to a lot of different Docs. Some know about the newest stuff, some don’t. Just don’t fall into the trap of looking for a Doc who tells you what you want to hear. Find one who seems interested enough to do a bit of research. If he won’t listen to you and explain things in detail, you can bet he won’t go looking for new info either.

Best of luck!