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Nerve damage

Okay, guys, here’s one for you. I was recently engaging in some mild bondage sex, during which I was left lying down (on my back) with my hands tied behind my back for about an hour. Needless to say, both hands got numb and went to sleep (as opposed to the rest of me). However, when my girlfriend released me, I noticed that I had lost the feeling along a narrow band along the outside of my left thumb, running from the left side of the base of my wrist (with the hand palm up) to about midway up the thumbnail. It now feels like I’m wearing a band-aid along the area - i.e. I can feel pressure but not any other type of sensation (heat, pain, etc.).

Jokes are welcome (after all, I got myself into this - and yes, I'm going to be more careful in the future), but after three days and no return of feeling, I'm starting to get worried. Do you think I'm going to have permanent nerve damage? Or will things knit themselves back together after a while? Should I go see a doctor? Although my strength and mobility have not been impaired, I'd like to get the feeling back in the digit if possible. Anyone else experience this type of thing?

I also had lost feeling in a couple of spots from different types of activities. If everything is in place and not hurting my guess would be that you managed to pinch the nerve pretty well and damaged it. Since it is probably pretty mild it shouldn’t take to long but I had experinced the same numb sensation in my thumb that lasted about a year.

Three days is a long time IMO, so you should see a doctor ASAP, to see if it can be fixed.
And you should also buy some good quality handcuffs that won’t hurt you next time (hint: leather is a better choice than metal) and make sure they’re not too tight.
Seems the loss is not really bad (not functonnal), but what if you had lost grip strength?
Wish you well.

dont bother with a doctor, thats a waste of your time. go see a chiropractor. they arent bone doctors but fall more under the category of nerve specialist.