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Nerds Log: Not Much to it Yet


This is my first post but I've been reading for while. Here's my background, who I am, what the heck happened and what I'm doing now.

I am a former Marine, that always kept the weight around 180-200lbs and between 6-9% B/F depending on what I was trying to accomplish at the time. I have completed 18 Marathons, 3 Ultras & 2 Triathalons. I also have a BA in Sport Medicine/Kinesiology.

IDK yet what my goal actually is but I wont work in the field till I'm healthy enough to tell people to do as I do and not as I say.

I was injured in Iraq then I decided almost 4 years in the desert and 10 years of active duty was enough. After being out and still kinda hurt and recovering I stopped working out, eating healthy and just started to become ignorant to my own image.

Boy does time fly: It's now been 3 years and I weigh 287lbs at 5'10". 187lbs is my goal. Because of the weight and the surgeries on my back and legs I am in constant pain. I have developed many of the over weight caused problems like Planter Fasciatis., Depression, low back pain and showering in the dark. LOL

I've reached my lowest point and now it's time to put to use all my knowledge (Your's Too) to work.

100lbs is the goal

I am now in my third week back at the gym. I needed to get the habit back before starting my program. I am starting with 90% weights for now since I've always seen more weight faster initially that way.

I've always felt lifting heavy, consistent and slow has always been the key factors in growth and even in fat loss.

The standard plan is

day1: Bi's & Back,
day2: Chest & Tri's
day3: Legs & lower back
day4: Shoulders, abs, & Plyo
day5: Total Body DB's high rep lower weight (about 70% load)
Two Days off placed where ever needed.

30 minutes of light to medium Cardio everyday after the workout

Abs, Calves, Forearms, Grip & Neck are done mostly everyday between other muscle groups during the individual work out.

I'll post pictures at 25lb intervals. No pictures yet because I like the motivation level I have now, lol. After around 50lbs of loss, I will increase my Cardio depending on if i'm more able to run at that weight.

Advice and comments of course are always welcome and if this is posted in the wrong place please let me know or move it to the correct section.


It’s been two weeks since i started. I’m down an average of 1" around the waist with three measurements taken per day. Morning, afternoon and Night.


Off tot he gym. Large muscles and abs today and hopefully I can do some cardio when I’m done.


Someone once told me this gets easier… Poo on him, lol.


I really want a Cheeseburger, lol.


Bad days this week. My mom past away and I’ve been doing some emotional eating… I ate almost a whole medium pizza last night by myself. This wont be good for next weeks measurements. Although, I’ve gain 4 pounds I’m down 3 inches total from my waist.

I’ve only been concentrating on dumbbells and upper body this week because legs always make me feel like crap when I have lots to do.





Great day at the gym today everyone. The pump is back. I almost even looked in the mirror, lol.

I realize this is more of a blog than a discussion thread, lol. I like talking to myself anyway, so it’s good.


I’m reading your posts.

I am trying to get back to decent shape after working all to long in a cube. I have a number of old injuries and two new ones. So it is really good to see someone else going forward.

Good fortune…


read the post date =O


What do you mean?


What do you mean?


It’s been a good week… I have stayed the course with my lifting and today I felt the urge to run. 5.5mph and a total of 10 miles. My calves are like rocks, I’m going to be hobbling tomorrow but I was just too dumb to stop stop moving, lol.


I’d say it’s been a good/bad week or so… Good is I lifted heavy for the first time and surprised the heck out of myself. The Bad is, I haven’t been watching what I’ve been eating at all so now I feel like a fat strong man. My elbow is also starting to act up again.


Woke up early, time to make the doughnuts…


Just started cutting calories this week… Oh boy, have I been moody, lol. The gym has been going very well. I’m down 4 inches around my waist and about 5lbs on the scale. I’ve still got a long road.

I also Just bought myself a new trail/gps watch as an “Atta-boy” for keeping on course.


So right after my atta-boy, I had to take a day off because of my back. Then I was uber depressed about cutting calories so I stopped going to the gym for about 5 days. I’ve turned to light cardio to get me back into the swing of things. Two more days of secondary muscles and I’ll get back on the lifting horse.


Hey man, good luck with it. I’ve had a pretty similar experience, put on 70 pounds of pure fat over two years, and lost most of it before starting to put on a bit of muscle again.

Anyway, I’d say the fact that you’re even managing to run 10 miles stands you in good stead, that’s pretty impressive, particularly if you’re out of condition. Just stay in it for the long haul, and don’t hurt yourself, and the weight will melt off. How’s the diet going?


your log is lacking any information on what you do at the gym man. care to toss some info/numbers down? (it’s also good for you to see it too)