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Nerd OUT! GH Review!


Ok all, I'm gonna have a nerd out moment. Most likely in a few days or a week I won't even remember I did this at all, as the pseudo-lycanthropic trance wears off and I come back to myself....

and Here. We. Go.

Review of GH regulation and pathways. Some really interesting figures (table 2, 3 for starters). An entire section is devoted to somatostatin and GH, and they cover a shit-ton of other regulatory molecules.


Here's an abstract on a review of GH and IGF-1 in myogenesis (muscle formation)


I can't find the damn full article because I don't have a subscription anymore >:O. If someone can link the whole thing it would rock.

Development of GH Secretagogues


He talks about the same four things that BBB has talked about in regards to GH action.

Chemistry of the GH and IGF-1 system in sports and exercise


GH in regards to physical impairments, functional limitations.


this has a good section on actions of GH at the beginning. Look at the contents.

Finally, our other "favorite", prolactin. Reviews functions, pathways.


...And I'm spent. Enjoy.


I love it when you talk dirty... :wink:


Thanks you for the tip :slight_smile:


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lol. Glad I could help out guys.

The first GH article is my favorite although they're all good. It's like a damn book. Here's the outline if you haven't read through it:

I. Introduction

II. Contemporary Tools for Neuroendocrinological Investigation of the GH Axis
A. Genetic, molecular, and transgenic models
B. Human GH rhythms

III. Neuropeptide Regulation of the GH Axis: Somatostatin and GHRH
A. Mechanism of somatostatin actions and its receptors
B. Human somatostatin receptor
D. Feedback regulation of GH secretion

IV. Other GH-Regulating Neuropeptides
A. GH-releasing peptides (GHRPs)
B. Galanin
C. Calcitonin
E. Opioid peptides
G. Neuropeptide Y
H. Substance P
I. Bombesin
J. Melatonin
K. Other GH secretagogues

V. Neurotransmitter Regulation of GH Secretion
A. Interspecies differences
B. Acetylcholine and catecholamines
C. Other neurotransmitters

VI. Role of Metabolic Substrates in the Regulation of the GH Axis
A. Blood glucose
B. Leptin and FFA
C. Amino acids
VII. Other Hormonal Regulators of the GH Axis
A. Glucocorticoids
B. Gonadal sex hormones
C. Thyroid hormones

VIII. Regulation of the GH Axis Throughout the Human Lifetime
A. Birth and infancy
B. Prepuberty
C. Puberty
D. Adulthood
E. Aging
F. GH treatment in older humans

IX. Exerciseâ??s Modulation of the GH Axis
A. Experimental animals
B. Humans
C. Neural control of GH release during exercise
D. Kinetics of exercise-induced GH release

X. Summary


I am going to have to allocate a vacation to digest this.
If your neuromuscular synapses are as good as your cranial ones you are gold, Mr Aragorn.
Thank you for sharing.


You are flirting - but that is ok..j/k

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They most definitely are. I will plan a vacation to England and you can confirm it :slight_smile: ...if you haven't run from the CCTV state just yet.


Are you flirting?

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I kid...unfortunately I am planted here for the next three years max. There is no amount of GH that will renew me when my environment is not conducive of freedom.

Captivity = aging.

The ageless are free-er beings. That is why I still behave like a carefree child on many a occasion. I make freedom my priority number one.

And here I am derailing the thread again with my free fluid thinking but it is still fundamentally on topic in a spiritual kind of way.

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Yes. Shamelessly.


Ok. Fearlessly.